What is Semolina: Semolina dinner recipies.

Semolina is a coarse grain that is purified wheat middlings of hard durum wheat. It is pale yellow in color, rich in gluten, and has a mild aroma. It is used in making pasta, cereals, couscous, and puddings. In India semolina is also known as "sooji", " suji" or "rava". It is very much liked by south Indian peoples. They make different varieties of cuisines using Rava(semolina) such as " Rava idli"," Rava dosa", "upma", "sweets"," halwa","pudding"  etc. It is also used for making savory dishes and for crispy coating in places like Goa, India. It is also used to thicken a soup or stew.

Why opt for semolina /Rava?

1. . It provides a tremendous amount of nutritional supplements.

2.  It has high carbohydrates as it offers a lot of energy and keeps us active.

3. It helps in the digestive system.

4. It contains a high level of minerals and vitamins

5. It reduces the risk of heart health.

6. It helps in managing weight

7. It helps improve blood sugar levels due to its high magnesium and dietary fiber levels.

  South Indian dishes are ravishing, easy to make, and are healthy to our immune system. So whenever you feel like treating your body with a delicious dish without compromising health, then you can include these dishes in your dinner, which are part of divine south Indian cuisine with the ingredients readily available in your kitchen or nearest store. Here you have some south Indian dinner recipes to feast yourself. 

Rava idli ( semolina idli)

Idli is a savory rice cake from the part of south India, relished as breakfast or dinner in every part of our country. 



2. Curd - 3 tbsp

3. Eno (fruit salt) - 1tbsp

4.oil - 1tsb

5. Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp

6. Curry leaves - 3 to 4.

7. Green peas -1/4 cup

8. Grated carrot -1/4cup

9. Coriander - 1/4 cup 

10.Salt to taste


Step -1

Heat the pan on a medium flame and put the oil in it. Then add mustard seeds and curry leaves to it. 

Then put semolina and fry it for 3-4 minutes until it gets aromatic, after that switch off the flame and put the semolina in a mixing bowl, and let it cool completely.

After that in the mixing bowl add curd, a little salt and mix it well, no lumps should be there, and let it rest for 20 minutes.

Step -2 

While your batter is resting. Put a steamer or pot on a flame and pour 1 cup of water for boiling.

After 20minutes add peas, grated carrots, and coriander to the same bowl and mix again. You will see that the batter became thick so add some water(1/4cup) again slowly and mix well.

At last, add Eno (fruit salt) to the batter and mix it finely. 

Step 3

Take an idli mold and grease it with oil and pour the batter carefully on the mold. Then take the mold and put it in the boiling pot that you kept for pre-boiling. Let it steam for 15minutes. Now your delicious Rawa idli is ready to eat.

Rawa Dosa (semolina dosa)

Dosa is a thin savory pancake or crepe cake from the southern part of India, which is made from fermented batter consisting of lentils and rice (or semolina). 


1. Semolina/Rava - 1/2 cup

2. Rice flour - 1/2 cup

3. Maida - 1/4cup

4. Cumin seeds - 1/2tsp

5. Chopped coriander - 1tbspn

6. Chopped green chili - 1 no

7. Chopped ginger - 1tsp

8. Chopped curry leaves - 1 sprig

9. Chopped onion - 1 small

10. Yogurt - 1 tbsp.

11. Salt to taste


Step 1 ( for preparing the batter)

In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients mentioned above and mix it well. 

After that keep adding water until the batter turns into pouring consistency and let it rest for 5 minutes.

After 5minutes you will see that the batter became a little thick as all the flour absorbs the water, so again add some water to bring pour consistency.

Use a small bowl to pour the batter on a pan.

Step 2 ( for making the dosa)

1. Heat a flat tawa /pan

2. Mix the batter before you make each dosa. Now pour the batter onto the pan with a small bowl and distribute it evenly on all sides.

3. Spread a little bit of oil with the help of a spoon on the sides

4.  Roast it nicely to nice golden brown color or until the edges to get separate from the pan.

5. Your tasty and instant Rawa does is ready to eat.

Note: 1. Don't use excess yogurt than required or you won't get crispy dosa.

           2. Your batter should be free-flowing or pouring consistency.

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