Being an adult is much more than just getting access to certain things and not being in parents arms’ anymore. Growing up is exciting but apart from the fallacious freedom we dreamt of, what drives us crazy when we especially move out of our lovely home is the realization of survival. And what we miss other than the delicious butter chicken and that blissful brownie that we often order, is relishing the home-cooked food or we call it 'maakehaathkakhana’. Cooking is like maths, it may be very hard but once you grasp the basics, it is the most interesting thing you can opt for. So we will be helping you out with some basic tips on ‘how to cook good food easily’. 

        The ready-to-eat food is widely available and the social platforms are brimming with such products and with some easy-going recipes. But trying out and experimenting with them was always a disaster for me. So here I ended up making my formula which was a lifesaver for me. I am going to share the basic and easy-going recipes which worked out for me to feed my stomach and saved my organs.

     So the basic ingredients for my standard recipe are – 

• Turmeric powder – 1 tablespoon

• Cumin powder – 1 tsp
• Sabji masala - 1 tsp
• Salt (according to taste preference) 
• Black pepper – 0.5 tsp
• Onion (according to preference)
• Tomatoes (additional) 
• Ginger-garlic paste. 
• Green chilies (according to spice tolerance)
• Your favorite vegetable.

Now, if you have it already, then wash your hands, put on your apron, and play favorite music. We are good to go.  

• Let's begin with heating oil in a pan (make sure the pan is completely dry).
• Put the chopped onions into the pan and fry them until they turn golden, and then pour the green chilies and chopped tomatoes and fry them.
• You can pour the ginger-garlic paste once a mild aroma of onion develops and the tomatoes turn greasy and mushy.
• Add the spices and salt and keep stirring it continuously at medium flame (make sure your masala does not stick in the pan).
• After the masala turns into a nice reddish-brown and the aroma hits your nose enough, then put your favorite vegetable (potato, cauliflower, etc.) in it and let it simmer for about 10 minutes at low flame).
• There you are, ready with a perfectly home-cooked meal. Relish your taste bud with all of it.

Another way to serve your hungry stomach, certainly when you are running out of time is to have rice with mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes (known as aloopitika in Assamese) are a perfect go-to meal for all north-eastern people. It is mashed potatoes with some onions, garlic, and oil. Well, this can feed your lazy and busy days.  
 All you need is (for 2 serving)
• Boiled potatoes ( 4 medium)
• Salt
• Onions  (1 small)
• Garlic (2)
• Mustard oil ( 2 tablespoons)
• Green chilies
• Coriander (additional)

There are many ways you can prepare and savor 'AlooPitika’, but I will be ranging you over three of them. 
The first method is the basic standard method just how everyone makes it. 
• Boil the potatoes. You can boil with rice in the pressure cooker or boil separately. (Peel the potatoes in both cases). 
• After the potatoes are perfectly boiled, add chopped onions, garlic mustard oil, chopped green chilies, salt and mashed them together.
• Your perfect aloopitika is ready to feast on. You can relish it with only rice and dal. 

The second method is quite the same as the first one. The only difference lies with the onions. In this process, you can stir fry your onions until they turn golden and then add it to the mashed potatoes. The aroma of fried onions blends with the aroma of chili and coriander well.   

The third method is my personal favorite. I have it like twice a week; this process is like a perfect description of happiness in disguise. 
It starts with the boiling of potatoes and adding other ingredients and mashing them together. Once it is mashed, you can add 1tsp spoon of the masala of any pickle (chilly, lemon, etc) and mix it all. The aroma of the pickle hits your nose and blends very well with the ingredients. You can relish it with only rice and feed your hungry tummy.

So these were some basic tips on how you can conquer your kitchen and show off your culinary skills in a healthier way. There are no such restrictions in experimenting with your culinary skills until you decide to burn down your kitchen. Give your inner chef a chance to feed your hungry stomach.

There are many times where we have to throw our chappatis just because we don't want to savor it, even if this is indispensable for our diet. Well, there is always a way to savor deliciously. All you need is – 
• Chappatis
• Any extruded products (noodles, pasta) 
• Onions 
• Eggs 
• Cheese (2 cubes) 
• Chilli 
• Salt. 

Let us relish it- 
• Boil the noodles or pasta until they soften.
• In a heated pan with oil, pour the onions and chili and fry them until the onion turns slightly brown and a perfect aroma of onion develops. 
• Pour 2 eggs and fry them. 
• Add the boiled noodles/pasta and stir fry them. Add salt to taste. Well, the stuffing is ready.
• Now, in the same pan pour 1 tsp of oil and heat the chappatis in it. After the oil gets perfectly absorbed, grate 1 cube of cheese (acc to preference). Add the noodle stuffing and roll it. Lastly, cover the pan with a lid and let the cheese melt and blend with the stuffing for about 2 minutes at low flame. 
• You have your cheesy noodle roll ready. 

The cheesy rolls tingle my taste buds with its perfect texture and creaminess. My cravings for rolls are tamed by this beautiful accident. 

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