Easily make sweetened condensed milk at home with this recipe and use it to create ice-cream, cookies and many more!!

Condensed milk can be made with milk powder, but that  is something i usually don't have at home.

So here's an easy recipe with just two ingredients ! Which is mostly available in every household.


Milk - 2cups (500ml)

Sugar - 1cup (100g)

Cooking process:

Take a deep bottomed pan and put in on a medium flame , then add milk in it along with sugar and mix well. Once mixed lower the flame and keep stirring continuously until the sugar dissolves and Wait for 30-40 mins or till the volume is almost halved. As the consistency  of the mixture will get thicker, keep scraping the sides and the bottom as you want to avoid lumps of milk fat in your condensed milk. Keep stirring continuously or else the milk might burn.

As the sugar melts you will notice that the Colour of the milk changes in yellowish tint. The more you cook the darker it will get.

Keep stirring the mixture till it reduces and thickens its consistency.Don't reduce it a lot as condensed milk tends to thicken while cooling as well.

Let it cool down in room temperature and transfer it to a airtight jar. This will make up to half cup of condensed milk.You can store up to 1week.


Use nonstick bottomed pan / saucepan.

We add sugar in the beginning as it gives the condensed milk a creamy texture.

You can also add a pinch of baking soda into your milk. Baking soda thickens the mixture and gives a creamy texture.

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