Majuli, the largest river island of India, situated on River Brahmaputra is home to many ethnic groups such as tribal, non tribal as well as schedule caste communities.

The tribal communities in Majuli are Mising, Deori, SonowalKacharis, etc. Mising community is scattered all over the river island and comprises of the maximum population there.

With all these ethnic groups, Majuli has a variety of amazing food habits as well. However, the Mising community being the majority, we would like to throw some light on some of their ethnic cuisines. 

Apong, an authentic rice beer which is prepared in almost every Mising household is a go to drink for the Mising community. No special occasion is complete without Apong. 

Some of the Mising delicacies that is worth relishing are PurangApin, PuraGahoriMangxo (pork roast),  JaborOying Adin, Paret Adin Oying. The recipes of the mentioned dishes are as follows:

1.Purang Apin

Ingredients required: 

•White Sticky Rice

• Tora pat (Zingiberaceae plant leaves)

Cooking Procedure:

a) Soak the sticky rice for 4-6 hours.

b) After soaking strain out the water and put the soaked rice in the Tora Pat and make a parcel with the leaves.

c) Steam these parcels for 2-3 hours. 

d) And PurangApin is ready to be served.

2. Pura Gahori Mangxo (Roasted Pork)

Ingredients Required:

Pork pieces diced into cubes.


Cooking Procedure:

a) Add salt to the pork cubes and put the pieces in skewers.

b) Slowly roast the pork in medium flame till it's cooked.

This dish is relished by the Mising people with Apong.

3. JaborOying Adin (JugaliGosorXaak (leaves of Jugali Plant)called Ombe in Mising Language with Pork)

Ingredients Required:

Pork cleaned properly.

Jugali Plant leaves.

Other Spices suck as salt, chillies,etc.

Cooking Procedure :  

a) Firstly fry the pork pieces until half cooked.

b) Then  add the leaves, chilli and salt and cook properly.

c) Once cooked it is ready to serve.

4. Paret Adin Oying

Ingredients Required:


Masti Dali (Black Urad Dal)

Husk of the Black Urad Dal


a) Fry the pork 

b) Fry and prepare the urad dal as done generally. 

c) Add khar (a basic component prepared by burning the husk of Urad Dal and soaked in water).

d) After that the pork pieces are added and allowed to cook.

e) Once cooked it's ready to serve.

Credits – Arindita Baruah

                Anushmita Baruah

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