Keiko ultra lounge is an Asian restaurant, where one can find exotic Asian cuisines, right from Dimsums to Shushi. My experience in Keiko was stunning. Its interior gave me a typical Asian Vibe and the food really blended well. 
 I am a fin gourmet, I live to eat. Serve me food, I will relish in the best way possible. Well, my first bloggers table was there. I was anxious sitting with those renowned bloggers with their years of experience on food blogging. Well, attuning to the good food, we were served with this refreshing lemon Ice tea, which was just how I like it. It was chilled, sweet and had a pinch of tanginess in it. Apart from the beverage, we were served with chicken and spinach dumplings, which were just perfect, the chicken pizza, however, I expected to be more cheesy and baked.  shushi platter( didn’t try that), yakitori chicken, American corn salt and pepper, stir fried vegetables in roasted garlic, burnt garlic fried rice, thai chilli basil noodles, sliced chicken in butter garlic sauce. Every  dish had an authentic aroma and taste which clearly signifies its uniqueness and the quality of food which kept the brand at a higher position. Lastly, the event was wrapped up by the scrumptious desserts, the caramel custard, which was a bit away for my liking and my absolute favourite brownie with Ice cream, I loved the brownie so much that I ended up order another 2 of them. apart from the amazing delicacies, the staffs were very polite and helpful in  knowing the depth of every cuisine. I would like to thank ‘Keiko Ultra Lounge’ for serving us.     

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