There are lots and lots off different types and varieties of fruits available to us by nature. All fruits contains sugar although some varieties have higher amount of sugar than other fruits.

People who want to limit or control their intake of sugar, will give up on chocolates, snacks, bakery, drinks and candy but they would never think of giving up fruits as they are beneficial to us in so many ways. As fruits are healthful to cater our sweet tooth and adds nutrients to our diet but there are some fruits which have a higher amount of sugar than the other .

So anyone looking to reduce there daily sugar intake  can limit or control themselves from eating these tasty and sweet fruits.

Some fruits that have high amount of sugar are :


Most of our favourite fruits,for which we eagerly wait for summer season to arrive. Its sweet,juicy and and has fibre and nutrient. But it also has natural sugar in it.

One whole mango contains 46grams of sugar, so if you are controlling your sugar intake but you like mangoes than  maybe you can  enjoy a couple slices of mango instead of a whole mango.


Bananas are loved not only for thre sweet taste but also they have varieties of benefits. They are rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin c and has natural sugar.

One large banana has 17grams if its more sugar  than you want in your diet than you can have half a banana rather than eating whole of it.


Who doesn't love cherries right! They are so sweet and contains vitamin c , lutein and notable amount of vitamin A.

A cup of cherries has 18grams of sugar. So count before you eat, that would help you know beforehand of how much sugar you are taking.

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