Chilli peppers were originated in Mexico and its the worlds leading consumer of chillies. Chilli peppers are also a main part of the cuisine in Thailand, Malaysia, India and China.

Chilli peppers contain a chemical i.e Capsaicin that tricks our mind into "thinking" that our mouth is being burned, that's why spicy food hurts so much.

That burning sensation we get when we eat spicy peppers is a mental reaction, not a physical one. Chili peppers contain a chemical known as capsaicin, which naturally binds to the pain receptors on our nerves.

our brain thinks we are ingesting something hot, so we begin sweating and our face turns red. This is our body's way of trying to cool us down, even though there is no real temperature threat, only a perceived one. 

Some of the best ways to tame ur spiciness are:

Butter, ghee, cow’s milk, plain yogurt, and sour cream and acidic ingredients ( such as lemon or lime juice, tomatoes and even pineapples) will all help to ease intense spiciness.

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