Eggs have been indulged in the human diet since the ancient era. It is avowed as complete food and has been a rich source of protein and other vital nutrients. They are utilized in various food industries and at homes. 

      3rd of June is avowed as ‘National Egg Day’, to mark the significance of protein in a diet. Egg being the healthiest and perfect food is often eschewed due to its cholesterol content. 

Significance of National egg day 

An egg is considered as one of the important parts of a balanced diet due to the presence of an adequate amount of 

  • Protein -  6.3g 
  • Carbohydrate – 0.36g 
  • Total fat – 4.8g  
  • Cholesterol – 185mg 
  • Vitamin A –  0.69mg
  • Vitamin D –  0.018mg
  • Vitamin E – 0.5mg . 

People often avoid eggs due to its high fat and cholesterol content, but it serves ample amount of health benefits to the human body, to stay fit, lose weight or even gain muscle mass and can be consumed at any time of the day. Therefore, to raise awareness about eggs as food, National Egg Day was declared. 

How National Egg Day can be celebrated?

  • Incorporate eggs in your meal habitually. 
  • Chicken eggs are widely consumed across the globe, but one can try duck eggs, quail eggs, which serve an ample amount of nutrition. 
  • Try different egg recipes, apart from boiled, scrambled, or omelet. 
  • Incorporating eggs in desserts as binding and leaving agents. 
  • Eggshells are often neglected, but one can incorporate them in their art piece.
  • Since the pandemic has locked up everyone at home, they can use their creativity in their culinary skills and try new and healthy egg recipes and share on social platforms creating awareness about the importance of an egg. 

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