Home-based food businesses are escalating in this era of the pandemic. People are running after such a business to savor the same delightful taste in a salubrious way. Social media is providing a medium to enhance one's culinary skills and flourish them.

Home bakers

Baking has become a new trend. The love for baked products is encouraging every being to learn and showcase their piece of art to the world. Art ranges on the qualities one procures. Below are some emerging artists of Guwahati who have conquered the ravenous crowd with their art.  

1.  The Baking Tale

Founded by – Ms. Jabin Akhtar

Every baker and chef has its way of showering their love to their customers. Attuning to the product taste and quality, The Baking Tale provides customized cakes according to the customer's requirement. The best product one can relish from the brand is the scrumptious sugar-free range. To order cakes from The Baking Tale, 1-week prior booking is a must. Ms. Jabin also provides cake workshops to help out other young artists who seek keen interest in baking to enhance their baking skills. One can contact the brand on its Instagram

2. Blissfulbites Guwahati

Founder-  Konkona Saikia

"Be brave enough to live life creatively." Ms. Konkona started the journey of Blissfulbites Guwahati a year ago and is already burgeoning with her baking skills. Blissfulbites Guwahati ranges over delicious flavored baked desserts. 6days prior is a must if one wants to relish fresh, customized homebaked desserts. One can contact the brand on any social media. 


3. Cakes and Crafts Guwahati

Founder-  Ayushi Jain, Mahek Jain

The brand is brimming with exclusive varieties of prepossessing eggless baked desserts for birthdays, weddings, and other events. Their beautiful range of cakes is what makes the Guwahatians drool over. Their customized ranges of cakes and hampers reflect their keen interest in baking and fulfilling their customers' requirements to the best. They are also providing baking classes to the budding bakers.   

4. Creamy Creations

Founder – Pranamika Das

It is a unit of Moms The kitchen and is purely Guwahati based. The brand focuses on purely home-baked products to cope up with the pandemic. Attuning to delectable taste and quality, the customized ranges makes everyone crave for it even more. one can order or contact the brand on any social media. 

5. The Cake Zone

The brand provides palatable and alluring home-baked cakes. Like any other home baker, there prioritize customer's needs and requirements through their customized ranges of cakes and cupcakes. To avail of their product, one can contact them through any social medium in advance.   

 6. Bake tree

Founder – Sakiba Mohammad

It is a budding brand that serves purely homebaked, fresh, and scrumptious products right from cakes to other delicious baked snacks leaving one's taste bud satisfied. Apart from the products, Ms. Sakiba also educates her customers about some basic things which they might not be aware of. If you want to learn cooking and baking from the scratch, you can contact her through Instagram linked below.

    Other brands providing such blissful baked products in and out of Guwahati are D' cakewalk, Cookies by Nganthoi,  Home Baked Dibrugarh, Home Baked Company, Cakes By Sakshi, Mommasbakedhouse, Home Bakery Delights, Bake Villa, Bakers of Kerala is a company embracing all the talented home bakers of Kerala to provide flavorsome home-baked desserts of good quality. Homebakers.co.in is a Hyderabad based service delivering home-baked customized cakes and other baked desserts all across India and also providing a platform for home bakers to create a free online bakery store.


Cooking is an indispensable part of one's life. Discovering something marvelous out of the ordinary is what we call art. Many such artists showcased their astounding culinary skills through many social platforms and have succeeded in gaining love from the people via their home-cooked fresh food as these are more hygienic and robust than the restaurant based food. The homecooked food business allows one to relish authentic delicacies more healthily. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore are brimming with such a home-based food business. The story of Richa Mohan Kaushik, the 43-year-old homemaker from Mumbai who started her business just as a helper to feed the one who was struggling to put a meal together and went commercial after feeding many needy is inspiring many other homemakers to dream big without age being a bar. Even if Guwahati is budding in this business, some have started to shine.

 1. Home loves you

It is a tiffin based service which provides delectable home-cooked lunch to offices and other places. The menu is specific for the specific day of the week along with optional add ons at a pocket-friendly price. One can avail of their product by contacting them on any social medium.    

 2. Food Affair by Mr. and Mrs. Chef

It is a budding venture where hospitality professionals have started their home kitchen in Guwahati serving the natives with delectable delicacies. The duo has captured the heart of Guwahati indigenes in a short period. Their menu highlights Thai Curry Biriyani, The Ultimate Chicken Burger, Mutton Kosha, Pork with Sesame Seeds, and Nicoise Salad. They provide scrumptious cakes for weddings. Anniversaries and birthdays.

      Foodcult is Assam based startup that delivers authentic Assamese cuisines at one’s doorstep. Many restaurants are serving Assamese cuisine but food cult serves high-quality Assamese cuisines and dessert with homely love. Their palatable delicacies are conquering the heart of Guwahati indigenes. One can avail of their services via Instagram.
   Ootabox, masala box, go homely are some start-ups that are focusing on relishing the natives of Bangalore with home-cooked food and also imparting confidence within the homemakers to develop an art out of there culinary skills. However, despite having such platforms some artists still out of the public eye. Women in the outskirts of Assam and Meghalaya are selling amazing handmade textiles and homemade palatable food right from the delicious bamboo shoot, ghost pepper, and other pickles, piquant puffed rice, pineapples, and fruit salads, and even fresh homegrown vegetables at an affordable price. Many of them are not aware of such a digital platform and it lies in the hand of the beings residing in that particular area. As empowerment should be equal.  

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