Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, which should not be avoided to lead a healthy wellbeing. During the prevailing era of busy lives, we underestimate the importance of our morning meals. Some of us tend to rush for their tasks skipping their breakfasts, aur is breakfast on the go for them and grab anything to get rid of hunger. We most often forget to pay attention to what is importance of healthy breakfast holes to lead a healthy lifestyle. The fact is a body gets utilising energy stored in the body even after sleeping. After those 7 to 9 hours asleep our body may exhaust up all the energy and needed to be refused in the morning to supply energy for the beginning of the day. Otherwise made me suffer from untimely cravings and make also overeat during other meals. Hence leading to obesity.

In India, breakfast (nasta) is preferred heavier for the long day. There is a mind-blowing variety to choose from the Indian food basket. In terms of nutritions Indian foods ace the game. In fact, before checking out the western food trends we should look inside the desi food cart. We will find thousands of wholesome and healthy recipes of our own. And this will also suit our body type as per our environmental adaptive traits and seasons. 

Here are a few healthy Indian breakfasts with yummy tourists so that healthy eating doesn't be boring or tough-to-prepare job.

1. Rava chilla- Rava or semolina is such a handy kitchen ingredient and can be used to prepare many dishes. Chilla can be a full and healthy option for a breakfast resume. One can easily cook on the go.

 Ingredients used- Rava, yoghurt, veggies, spices.

 Cooking process-

 i) Taken about one cup of rava and half a cup of yoghurt in a bowl and mixed it well, it needs to be thicker as for batter so excess water was avoided and kept it aside cover for a while.

 ii) Used this time to chop some veggies like onion, chilli, tomato, ginger, coriander and added them to the mix later added some more water so that it becomes a bit spreadable. 

 iii) Greased a hot pan, spread the batter covered and let it cook.

 iv) Opened it after a while and add some oil to the sides and covered again.

 v) Flipped the chilla and cooked till the other side becomes crunchy too.

 vi) Cooked until the brownish crisps are observed and served hot also can be taken with chutney for more flavour.

2. Poha- it can be a quick easy and feeling choice for busy mornings.

 Ingredients used- poha, onion, chilli, curry patta, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and other spices.

 Cooking process- 

 i) Cleaned 2 cups of poha washed it well and kept aside so that it soaks the water and softens up.

 ii) Chopped some onions, chillies, fresh green coriander leaves.

 iii) For tempering, spread some oil in a cooking pan (or karahi), add some mustard, cumin seeds, chillies, curry patta, sauteed for 2 minutes then poured onions.

 iv) Sauteed the onion till it turns pinkish, then added the sipped poha along with some boiled potatoes (optional), later added salt and turmeric powder.

 v) It is to make sure to mix the ingredients well and covered for few minutes.

 vi) That's really it for pohas, garnished with coriander and fried peanuts and enjoyed hot.

3. Masala Roti- Many houses in India start with parathas, it can be served with veggies or even adrak chai (ginger tea).

Ingredients used- whole wheat flour and spices (chilli powder, crushed ajwain, and salt).

Cooking process- 

i) In the whole wheat flour added some chilli powder, crushed ajwain, salt and kneaded well.

ii) Rolled small parathas speared some ghee over it and rolled  back to parathas.

iii) It can be either taken soft like plain rotis or like parathas or roasted a bit crispy, both the ways it would taste amazing.

iv) Enjoy the masala rotis with pickles, veggies or morning tea (adrak chai).

4. Desi Sandwich- Now this can be a super tasty cum good for gut option.

Ingredients used- brown bread, potatoes, coriender leaves, tomatoes, onion, capsicum.

Cooking process-

i) Put some potatoes for boiling it gives a desi tinch and different taste. 

ii) Fresh green coriander leaves were washed and put in a grinder. And chilli, ginger, lemon juice and cumin seeds also raw peanuts were added, peanuts act like the king maker.

iii) Blended the mix and added salt and a hint of sugar.

iv) The bread was covered with some butter and the chutney was spread thickly covering the entire surface.

v) Veggies like onion, tomatoes, capsicum, were stocked over the chutney.

vi) The prepared sandwich was taken for toasting over flame in a sandwich toaster, or it can be grilled in a griller.

v) And this desi sandwich turns out to be the most worthy and satisfying yet healthy breakfast.

5. Moong sprouts salad- Sprouted moong (green gram) is a very good source of Vitamin E and protein. Starting our day with such a healthy weight loss recipe is beneficial.

Ingredients used- moong sprouts, cumin powder, chilli powder aamchur powder, salt, cucumber tomatoes, carrots, capsicum, spring onions, coriender leaves, mint, chillies and lemon juice.

Cooking process-

i) Moong soaked overnight in water and drained, it requires a very low temperature of about 13-21°C for moong grains to sprout, so cover the drained beans with a water-soaked cotton towel until the grains sprout.

ii) Taken one cup sprouted moong, add 3 cups of hot water and leave it at rest for 5 minutes and drain, the sprouts get blanched this way.

iii) Added all the spices viz. Cumin powder (1/2 tsp), chilli powder (1/4tsp), aamchur powder(1/2tsp), salt (1/4tsp), and mixed well.

iv) After the spices are combined, chopped cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, capsicum, spring onion, and coriender leaves, mint leaves and chillies have been added along with 1tbsp of lemon juice in the bowl.

v) Mixed the ingredients thoroughly and served fresh, for a fresh and light morning.

6. Masala oats- This is a very good breakfast for diabetic patients and if it is made with rolled oats it will taste like heaven. 

Ingredients used- rolled oats, peanuts, ground nut oil, cumin seeds, chopped onions, tomatoes, turmeric powder, coriander powder, chilli powder, mint leaves, coriender leaves.

Cooking process-

i) Here 1/2 a cup of rolled oats (plain oats) is taken and dry roasted for 2-3 minutes.

ii) Added peanuts and roasted again for the same tenure, collected in a bowl after roasting, and kept aside.

iii) Taken 2tsp of ground nut oil in a hot pan seasoned with some cumin seed and chopped onions, sauted for 2-3 minutes, similarly sauted after putting tomatoes, later spices were added, turmeric (1/2tsp), chilli (1/2tsp), and coriender powder (1/4tsp).

iv) Added dry roasted oats and peanuts along with coriender and mint leaves, mixed together and cooked for 8 to 10 minutes at medium flame.

v) Added a cup of water and salt as to taste and let it cook for 5 to 6 minutes.

vi) If the oats are getting dry, make sure to add water in between.

vii) Cooked it for 5 to 8 minutes at medium flames, and mashed so that it all blends together well.

viii) Charred the water out for a thick consistency.

ix) Garnished with some coriender and mint leaves and serve hot.

So, these were some easily healthy Indian breakfast ideas. Hope you try it and enjoy your good health.

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