Sonapur, a town located at the outskirt of Guwahati, is known for its scenic beauty. Though it is away from the city, many educational institutes and workplaces stand above it. It never fails to give the chilled village vibe in a sophisticated way. Apart from its scenic environment, Sonapur is well known for its resorts which serve amazing ambiance for lodging and events and exotic food. So, I went on a small tour to the well-known resorts on Sonapur to taste the best chicken and bread. 

1. The Aarian Woods Resort. 

Founder – Mr. Ritul Sharma

                    Mrs. Alpana Sharma 

 It is a multidimensional lifestyle resort owning 16 cottages with contemporary design and architecture. The architect duo successfully created a high-quality service concept with a sophisticated ambiance. The architect couple developed their firm named "Aakriti" in 1986. After years of experience, they put their innovation into building "Aarian Atithya”, the first service apartment hotel in Guwahati. After its success, the couple put their innovation into building Aarian Woods Resort which is in the lap of nature surrounded by astounding hills and tea gardens providing one an escape from the busy city life. 

The cottages seem like a hut of ancient times with a blend of sophistication making it very comfortable to feast on. So we ended up ordering 'Butter Chicken and Naan Bread’. They flabbergasted me by the amount they were serving and the elaborated menu. Tasting the butter chicken, was not all regretful. It had a creamy texture and was a bit sweet (not all butter chicken are sweet, the sweetness in it comes from cashew nuts), which was not exactly my type but tasted divine. Coming to the naan, I feel it was perfect. The texture and the way it looked signified that the bread was made at the right temperature. Apart from our feast, they serve delicious authentic traditional cuisines and making it a luxurious experience.  

2. Brahmaputra Jungle Resort. 

Founder – Tridip Sharma 

Well the name itself says a lot. It is a perfect place for naturalists and adventurers. This place has a lot to offer you for a ride, from water rollers to zipline and also elephant ride. I tried the chicken 65 and Chunga Chicken. The food was palatable and it was soothing to relish such delicious food along with a naturalistic ambiance. However, the chicken 65 was way too spicy for me (but this is a perfect snack for winter evenings) and the service was a bit slow. Overall, I had an amazing experience at BJR.

3. Dichang Resort 

Founder - 

 Dichang Resort is avowed as one of the finest resorts of Sonapur and a perfect retreat for a holiday or wilderness voyage. Its scenic beauty revitalizes one's soul. Well, apart from its exotic ambiance, which is perfectly suitable for formal and informal occasions, the food here is flavorsome. I tried the butter chicken with Naan along with a plate of drums of heaven and I loved it. The chicken was tender, creamy and the consistency was perfect. The naan bread was amazing as well the combination of Naan and butter chicken, took me to heaven on every bite. In drums of heaven, the chicken pieces were perfectly mixed with the sauces, which added a tanginess to it. My day just ended perfectly after the delicious brunch in here. 

 4. Atithya Resort

Atithya Resort is a modern representation of a roadside Dhaba with an Assamese soul, serving Indian, Chinese, and authentic Assamese cuisines. Savoring chicken butter masala with Naan bread was total bliss. The gravy’s creamy texture just blew my mind the moment I took a bite. Aditya is mainly known for its kadhai chicken and the dish won the heart of indigenes. The texture, aroma, and spiciness were just perfect. However, the starters are overpriced but the staffs were really friendly.

5. Dekasang 

 Dekasang is an ecofriendly resort standing in the outskirts of Guwahati welcoming customers for about more than 10 years. Its ethnic urban soothing environment and food made traditionally in bamboo (sunga) will revitalize one’s soul. Trying out some Chinese and barbeque was euphoric. However, the chicken biryani and chicken do pyaza was overpriced and the taste and aroma did not meet my expectation. After, 10 successful years, Dekasang is opening another branch on Majuli (avowed as the largest river island in the world), so that the natives of Majuli can relish their authentic Assamese delicacies. 

6. Panacea – The Village 

The breathtaking village theme of Panacea reanimates one’s mind and soul. Mostly, the resort is populous as it has successfully captured the heart of the nearby city and the natives. there was a combo meal on the particular day which included rumali roti, chicken, biryani, raita, and Gulab Jamun on the non-veg platter and the same replacing the chicken with paneer on the veg platter. The live counters served delicious paneer and chicken tikkas which embraced perfect smokey flavor and texture. The combo served was enough to feast on and the breathtaking environment is perfect to hang out with loved ones.  

7. Spring Valley Resort 

From voyagers want to take in the sites and sounds of Guwahati and for the gourmets who love to feast on every place they step on, this resort is a perfect choice, relishing chicken biryani was bliss. However, it lacked a bit of aroma in it. It is a perfect place to spent a day with family and friends. Its soothing yet enthusiastic environment will bring a new life to one's soul.   

      So my experience in all the above places was amazing. Every place had a unique theme. Also, attuning to the food and ambiance, my favorite resort was ‘Dichang Resort'. I loved their sophisticated ambiance and the food was really to relish on.   

   The eateries in Sonapur are one of a kind to relish on. The other soothing and budget-friendly eateries are New City Resort, The Bar Code Restaurant, Trishna Dhaba, Orange Resort. However, none of these restaurants/resorts provides delivery services, you have to dine in there.    

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