Delhi Scores Highest Eatery Reservations During Pandemic

During dining in the pandemic era : Delhi scores highest in restaurant reservations. 

Reopening of restaurants after months made people of Delhi go crazy, followed by Bengaluru and Kolkata. Survey reveals that, in Delhi, 86% of reservations were made for two. The recent data also reveals that people are now considering restaurants with premium hygiene standards and safety tags. 

Gold does not only provides beauty, but is beneficial to the human body 

During the ancient era, gold has been used in many medications (usually mixed with other chemicals and minerals to work effectively to reduce inflammation and boost overall health), dentistry and as a food decor. Scientifically, gold is inert and does not break down easily. According to experts, edible gold does not break down and dissolve into the bloodstream easily and thus thrown out as a waste product. However, the nanoparticles of gold may affect someone with hypersensitivity to metal and can impact cell membranes. In terms of relishing with desserts, the gold nanoparticles are big and does not permeate the cell membrane easily and cause damage. Thus, it is believed to be safe to consume. 


A vintage Chinese teapot worth of 1 crore, found in garage clean up. 

Miracles are real, and if you believe in it, you will surely connect to the person, who found a vintage tea pot in a garage cleanup, in United kingdom during the lockdown. He was really clueless about its worth. 

The Hanson Auctions tweets about the 18th century antique piece as an enamelled flask which resembles a teapot is worth of tens and thousands and is also estimated that it is a priceless possession. 

Lately, in a statement the owner of the teapot mentions that the antique piece belongs to his grandfather who was a soldier during the 2nd world war. He also states that the extravagant piece was kept as a decor at their place about 20 years ago, later followed up boxing up and shifting in the loft of the garage and he was planning to give away to a charity shop. 

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