Food blogging basically represents a gourmet and a connoisseur sharing their tasty and tremendous experiences related to cooking or eateries, with those of blogs and photographs. Food blogging basically emphasises on reviews and experiences of different eateries to help their audience to know better about the particular place and also to focus on their new and innovative experiments.

     Before starting off directly with blogs on different websites, it is important to gain some basic knowledge and experience on the field the one is about to fight and also to gain some audience‚Äôs eyes. This can be procured via starting off with : 

1. Reviewing on Zomato. 

Zomato provides a platform to everyone to review different restaurants and comes with a feature of gaining points gaining points (it is 25 points for 1 review and 2 points each for pictures uploaded).  The more review you write, the more points you gain and after gaining certain points, you go up the level, the more level you reach, the more preference you get. Even, your area of expertise on Zomato signifies how diverse your taste is. However, you can register yourself as a blogger only after you set up a website. But, that does not stop you from exploring eateries and gaining experience. 

2.  Social Media 

Social media provides an amazing platform to share and sell. You can share your experiences of different eateries on Facebook, Instagram etc. this will not only help you to just to start blogging, but also, but also makes it way more easier to connect to more people who are in the same field. Below mentioned are some brief tips to gain reach and engagements on Facebook and Instagram. 

a) Connect to more people like you, i.e who are also an entry level food blogger and motivate him or her to grow together. 

b) Show off your diverse taste and experience and bash off with your food styling and photography skills. 

c) Be active, keep on posting good and creative contents on regular basis. A good content will not only pull audience but also, eateries. 

d) Post genuine reviews of eateries politely, whether positive or negative. 

e) Keep on updating your audiences the whereabouts and offers the eateries are providing even if a new food chain is coming up in your area. 

f)   Connect with all the food bloggers of your city if possible. Take notes from how they started and went along with such a big community. 

g) Make everyone fell important, whether it be an entry level blogger or a renowned food enthusiast, comment your views on their contents and be polite, even if you have a negative point. 

h) Engage in blogging groups, these will help you to gain more reach and engagements. 

i) Keep on diversifying your contents, even if that counts to show off your culinary skills.

j) Never miss a chance, if you got an invitation for a bloggers meet. This will help you to gain experience on reviewing food products and also, to connect with the bloggers of your city easily.

k) Have patience, within a year you can be an expert in you the world of food blogging. Just be consistent. 

So these were some basic tips to start off with food blogging initially. Later on, when you made a community, you can start off by building off your own blog site. I will elaborate more about it on my next blog.  

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