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What is Semolina: Semolina dinner recipies.

Semolina is a coarse grain that is purified wheat middling of hard durum wheat. It is pale yellow in color, rich in gluten, and has a mild aroma. . It provides a tremendous amount of nutritional supplements. It has high carbohydrates as it offers a lot of energy and keeps us active.

May 31, 2021 by frappecoA



International tea day is celebrated every year of the 21st of May. It is celebrated to glorify the areas where it grows and to express the biological, economical, and physical benefits of tea.

May 25, 2021 by frappecoA


Healthy Snacks

This Blog covers ways to relish snack in a healthier way for all generation

November 19, 2020 by Papiya Sarkar


High sugar content fruits

People who want to limit or control their intake of sugar than you should know, there are lots of fruits that have high sugar content which you need to control.

October 2, 2020 by Papiya Sarkar


Homemade condensed milk

Homemade condensed milk with just 2 ingredients and which is available in every household.

September 25, 2020 by Papiya Sarkar


Post pandemic situation/assumptions

Assumptions on what will be the situation of the world after the pandemic .

September 21, 2020 by Papiya Sarkar


Honey never expires!

Honey is nature's finest work and has lots of benefits.

September 15, 2020 by Papiya Sarkar


Chilli Peppers Tricks Your Brain

The burning sensation while eating spicy peppers is a mental reaction.

September 11, 2020 by Papiya Sarkar


Tomato chutney is better than ketchup

Tomatoes solves digestion problems, Diarrhea, Indigestion and Jaundice. Eating tomatoes daily can keep your digestive system healthy

September 9, 2020 by Papiya Sarkar


3 - Food Facts

Know the best ways to determine the quality of an egg.

September 7, 2020 by Papiya Sarkar

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